Today, while Bar-El was working on remodeling our bathroom, I went with Brittany, Ella, Shannon, Heather and Connor to Babies ‘R’ Us for the first time. The girls and babies seemed right at home, but I found myself very overwhelmed. I can’t imagine having a real need for even half of the items in there…what does one do with all that stuff, and where does one store all of that stuff once it is in the house?! I was literally more afraid of buying too much baby stuff than I have been of almost anything else during my entire pregnancy.
All I purchased was a single serving of a chocolate pregnancy/nursing protein shake.
This evening, after Bar-El cleaned up the construction mess and I finished lesson planning for the month, he and I worked on our homework for the birthing class we are taking at Rose Medical Center, where we will deliver the baby. What did people do with themselves before such classes were an option? I haven’t been terribly surprised about anything presented so far, but Bar-El seems completely astounded by some of the information presented. I suppose I have an advantage, as I both grew up with babies in the house and have friends who have recently given birth. I keep telling him to just relax–he can’t possibly mess up at the birth since there will be doctors and nurses all over the place, and once the baby comes home, it will all settle in and work itself out. He doesn’t seem very reassured.
Next steps at La Casa Leffler:

  • Finish the bathroom remodel
  • move spare room downstairs and make space for baby in upstairs bedroom
  • Early Parenting Classes at Rose
  • Registry (I have to go back to that wacky Babies ‘R’ Us?!?)

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