So, last night, we went to our second session of the birthing classes we are taking at Rose, and came to the conclusion that neither of us is capable of being serious in such a setting. It seems that everything–from breathing, to walking, discussions of comfort techniques–makes us giggle. On the bright side, I guess that means that we’re a good match: we both instantly have the same silly thoughts! I don’t know if our instructor thinks it is such a great match-up for class, but…

Next week, we take a tour of the birthing unit at the hospital, and the rest of class is dedicated to “medical pain management,” ie: epidurals and the like. As far as I am aware, I will not be utilizing any such methods, but by tomorrow afternoon (at my next doctor appointment), I should know for sure if it is even an option. They should have the films from my spine surgery, which will help them determine if they can administer an epidural at all. It is my preference to go “au naturale,” so I am almost hoping that they say it is not a possibility. Why? Because I am a Bad Mutha…

Bar-El is making great progress on house repairs. Last night, just before dinner, he installed a new timer light switch in the dining room, and he is in the last three or four days worth of work on our bathroom remodel. I am such a lucky girl to have such an awesome Doop.


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