Tomorrow morning, we will be 39 weeks along. We finally registered at Babies ‘R’ Us this weekend, and I packed a little diaper bag for Bar-El to have at the hospital so he would feel prepared. Last week, I moved some furniture, and began making space in the baby’s room for the baby’s things. I thought I was making real progress.
I don’t feel especially anxious to have the baby come, though. If we have spoken at all recently, you know that I would like the baby to wait until the afternoon of the 20th to decide to make any moves so I don’t have to leave work before Winter Break. However, everyone seems to be an expert, and I get lots of advice about how “the baby will come when he/she wants to” (we still don’t know, or even want to know, what our little person will be), and I can just forget about any kind of plan, etc. I certainly understand the unpredictability of having a baby, and I’m okay with that. But today, because everyone is so spooky about just how unpredictable babies can be, I actually checked myself into the hospital at 6:15 p.m., thinking
my water broken while visiting with a co-worker in the hall after school.
So, in the middle of the fabulous snowstorm that we are having here in Denver, I drove from work to
Rose Medical Center–after checking in with my doctor on the phone first, of course. On the way, I stopped to text Bar-El what was (or more likely wasn’t) going on, and he called right away to make sure I was okay. Mostly, he called to make fun of the fact that I had probably just peed my pants–AGAIN.
When I got to the hospital, I was checked in, gave a urine sample (after nine months of these, I still can’t aim just right), and waited patiently to be examined. The nurses monitored the baby the entire time, which was kind-of fun because I got to listen to his/her heartbeat for over an hour, and hear how it changed when the baby was doing the nightly Bas Rutten heavy bag workout. I took a nap. The baby took a 20-minute nap. I watched an episode of Deal or No Deal. I got to wear a very stylish hospital gown and equally-chic hospital bracelet. Then I got the exam, and the nurse confirmed that, yes, I did only pee my pants. Then, I got dressed and came home.
My fabulous trip to the hospital did remind me that I need to be a little more prepared. I am going to pack my overnight bag tonight. I am going to pack Bar-El’s bag, as well. I suppose I need to, at least, seem like I am ready to go back to Rose at any time. I will keep everyone posted…but don’t expect a major update until December 20th or later. 🙂


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