Today is our actual due date for Baby Leffler.

He or she is not here, nor do I have any indication that he or she will arrive any time soon. I have had a few good contractions in the last four or five days, but nothing that really says “Baby on the way!” I am ok with this. Meanwhile, everyone I know (or even see) keeps asking “Aren’t you just ready to be done?” or “Are you nervous?” The answer, on both counts, is “not really.” I like being pregnant just fine, and the baby will come when he/she is darn good and ready. I am more ready for people to stop asking me dumb questions…

Bar-El thinks we can get the bathroom done by this weekend. All the tile is done, and the grout is curing for another day or so before we can seal it. Once that is finished, then we can clean really well, paint the little bit of wall space that is open, and install the toilet, vanity and hardware. I can’t wait to have this nice, new, fancy bathroom ready to use. I will post photos of the finished product soon.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic winter/holiday season. I will continue to post updates on both the bathroom and the baby as things develop. Perhaps the next post will have pics of one or the other! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Due Date

  1. Thanks for the update! I have been waiting anxiously for news from you or Britt on the baby. You’re lucky that you still feel good and aren’t overly uncomfortable. Good luck with the bathroom. I’ll be waiting for news. Love you guys!

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