Yesterday Venessa was having contractions all day and they started to get more regular and stronger at about 3:30pm. At about midnight we went to the hospital and checked in to the triage unit. They held us there for a while and ran some checks. To our dismay, Venessa was only 2cm dilated.

They finally moved us to a labor and delivery room. By then her contractions were really painful and it was hard for me to watch. She was exhausted and very stressed from all the pain. At this point in time, she had maybe found an hour of broken sleep.

After dealing with the pain and contacting a rabbinic authority, we decided that she should get an epidural. Why the rabbinic authority you ask? Well there is an expression, b’sha ah tova. It loosely means “in good time” and according to tradition, child birth is one of those things that only G-d has the keys to, so we are not suppose to take shortcuts or take the reigns unless there is a life-threatening issue. In this case it turns out an epidural is ok regardless, so we went with it.

Within minutes of receiving the epidural, Venessa was so much more relaxed. We could talk to her and she seemed lucid. They also checked and she was about 3.5cm dilated. After about ten minutes she was so relaxed she fell asleep for about two hours.

Right now, her water has broke and they guesstimate that baby Leffler will be here by 7pm.


One thought on “The Final Countdown

  1. So I heard that there is a baby boy now! Cogratulations! I know Venessa is probably exhausted. We can’t wait to see pictures and hope that we will make it to Denver soon to see the baby in person! Much love from all of us here in San Diego!-Whitney, Jeff and Lorelei

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