So baby Leffler has arrived via C-section at 10:06pm December 23rd, 2008. He is 8lbs 2ozs and is 21 1/4″ long.

After her water broke, we thought things would speed up from there. As time went on, she wasn’t dilating enough and her contractions weren’t consistent. She had been at 6cm for several hours. She also started to run a fever of about 100.9. The next step was to administer petosin. This is meant to stimulate the contractions and dilation. However once it was administered there was an adverse affect on the baby during the peak of the contractions- his heart rate went down. At that time, it was determined that a C-section was going to be the best decision.

At this point I became very worried for Venessa because the amount of anesthesia seemed like a lot, but what do I know. I really started thinking about all the scary stuff that a person shouldn’t think about.

They gave me the option of being in the room during the surgery and I thought I’d be ok with it. Afterall I had worked as a vet tech and had seen some pretty gross things and helped during many surgeries. It didn’t matter, I couldn’t stand by and watch as they cut in to my most beloved wife. So I waited with Venessa’s family in the observation area.

During this time I couldn’t really articulate anything I was feeling. I just felt totally helpless. I started to have internal prayers for her safety and that the baby would be ok. My prayers were answered.

Baby boy Leffler was brought out to me so we could see him. He was amazing to see. It was a totally unreal experience. The nurse and I took him in to the nuresery so they could complete some of the other steps, including a vitamin K shot. Again, I couldn’t watch as they stuck hime with a syringe. Ugh.

Now he was all done and I decided to go see Venessa in the recovery room. She looked exhausted and drugged up, so I felt this was a good time to get her permission to do all the things I have been wanting to do, Vegas here I come! Back to reality. I spoke to Venessa and held her hand. We talked about our little boy and a few other cosmic topics. Seeing her was such a relief, I can’t explain.

After the surgery was done, we had to wait about 45 minutes before they could move us to the maternity ward. After that, we settled in and fed him. At that time it was about 11:15pm. It was about 1:45am when they came in to take him for his first bath. Then they fed him and put him to bed in the nursery so Venessa and I could get some badly needed sleep.

8:30am and 6 hours of sleep later, we were woken up by the cleaning staff. We felt great, at least I did, and Venessa has been getting different checks done to make sure everything is ok. I went to check on the baby and brought him back in. We had a failed attempt at nursing. I was also given my first opportunity at changing a diaper, which wasn’t so bad all things considered.

Now we are just hanging out, talking and sending out emails. I’ll try to get some pics up, however I forgot the USB cable at home….along with the diaper bag.

Thanks to everyone who has been there along the way, we love you all!


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