Today we had the brit milah, otherwise known as the circumcision. This ceremony also included the official naming of our baby boy. His Hebrew name is Asher, like one of the 12 tribes. His English name is Isadore, who was my great-grandfather Isadore Plavner’s name. I never knew him, but it is a tradition to name your children after someone who has passed on. From what we know, he was a mashgiach, or superviser, at a religious university. In his role he oversaw the preparation of meat and other kitchen related activities, but also the well-being of the boys attending the university. We are trying to find more info on him.

The ceremony was great, but I was nervous since yesterday. I was not worried about the actual cutting, but more oconcerned with the number of people who would come. I wasn’t sure if we had enough food, or enough space or too much…I had no idea what to expect. I figured quite a few people would show up, but I was reall shocked to see how manyactually did. I would put the number somewhere around 50 or 60.

Once the ceremony was done, we all participated in a festive meal which was a great treat for everyone. Some people believe it is a “good omen” for having children if you participate in this meal. There are probably many other beliefs, but this is the one I heard about the most. I say “good omen” because that is the only English phrase I can think of to explain it. Typically Jews do not believe in such things as good omens because it would suggest that The Almighty was not in control of everything, but instead that some outside force could have an affect. As time has progressed through the years, these “omens” have increased and become accepted as customs.

Aside from all that, I want to thank everyone who showed up and all those who have supported us along the way.


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