Hello again, from La Casa Leffler!

Things are finally settling down around here, with Izzy becoming a master nurser and getting (somewhat) on a schedule; mommy feeling better about Izzy’s weight gain; the bathroom remodel (yes, there is still construction in our house) almost complete; and all of us taking some sleep wherever we can get it. The last few weeks have been a very difficult adjustment, but I think we have made it over the hump, and things will start to progress in a more positive manner from here.

This week, I am going to begin light training for the 4th Annual Run the Republic stair climb race in downtown Denver. Lots of walking, lunges and squats, and some easy jogging when the urge moves me. I will definitely not be the lithe specimen in the photo this year, but by next year, I plan to be racing in the “elite” category again, and make it to the top in under 9 minutes.

Many of you have asked when you can visit young Isadore. We are generally home all day and in the evenings during the week; although this week, we are going to a baby shower/party at Daddy’s office in Louisville on Wednesday afternoon, and Thursday afternoon, we are going to visit Mrs. Kimmie who will be taking care of Baby Izzy when Mommy goes back to work in February. Just shoot us an e-mail or call to let us know you are thinking of stopping by. We love to have company!

Also, I have had several people ask what we need, in the way of baby items. We are really trying to avoid disposable diapers by going with cloth diapers, like the BumGenius and HappyHeinys one size diapers. If you check out the links to these two products, you can tell right away that these aren’t your mom’s cloth diapers (with the pins and the folding, etc). They’re as easy to use as disposables, but easier on the garbage can and landfill. However, to go cloth, you need a bunch of diapers, so this is something we could really use (if you are shopping on Diapers.com, enter the promo code PTGFEB08 to save 10% and get free shipping). We are also registered at Babies R Us. One thing Izzy definitely doesn’t need is clothes…he is the best outfitted kid in the neighborhood, thanks to the gifts he already recieved from a few folks. We probably will have a baby shower, for those of you party people out there, but need to get organized on our end.

More photos of Baby Izzy are on the way. Check back soon!


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