For those of you who have been visiting our blog regularly, or who have visited in person with us in the last couple of weeks, you may notice that Izzy is becoming a real little man. He got his first pair of shoes last week (a stylish pair of navy, velcro-strap tennies) so he could keep his socks on and wear something other than pajamas when he goes out to day care everyday. Aunt Irene helped us pick them out on our weekly visit to Babies ‘R’ Us. Also, Izzy has developed a lot of personality: he loves Grand Funk Railroad (because he’s “Some kind of Wonderful”) and Rufus (“Tell me something good…tell me that you love me, yeah”), his new play gym, and zerberts. He also thinks it is really cool to blow spit bubbles, and to pet Toku; Yafeh still isn’t 100% up to having the baby pet her.

We will try to post more photos this week of Izzy doing grown-up stuff like working out, dancing, and walking the dog. 🙂


One thought on “Little Man

  1. Cute and entertaining as usual! Who is Aunt Irene, though? Didn’t know Bar-El had a sister. So how’s work and the daycare thing going?Love,Ranee

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