Poor Izzy had to have his first round of immunizations yesterday afternoon, along with his (belated) two-month well-baby exam.
Great news is that our boy is growing perfectly: he is 11 lbs., 5 oz. (in the 50th percentile for weight), and is now 23.75″ long (in the 85th percentile for height). The doctor commented on his beautiful skin, and good head of hair, and let me know that–overall–he is a very healthy normal baby.
I can’t believe how big he is getting already. It is hard to think that he is already 11 weeks old, and in a little more than a month, will start on baby cereal! Yikes!
After his great well-baby visit, the little man had to have shots…in both legs. He actually handled it pretty well, and only cried for a few minutes until I got him dressed again and played the “tongue game” (I stick out my tongue, and you stick out yours. Then I’ll stick mine back out, and you stick yours out again, too…).
Unfortunately, he was terribly cranky for the remainder of the night, and his two week sleeping-through-the-night streak was broken when he woke, first, at 12:20 am, and again at 2:40 am, and a third time at 4:40 am! I felt so bad because he woke up screaming each time. The first time, i fed him to comfort him, and at 2:40, I just pulled him into bed with me. We finally just got up for good at 4:40. I am looking forward to the return of my sweet boy who sleeps like a champ…


One thought on “Shots!

  1. Those shots are awful! Unfortunately it just gets harder as they get older because they are much more aware of what’s going on. The trick is to give them a bit of Tylenol before the shots…then he should sleep better. Way to go big guy! You’re so cute!!

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