Ok, so I am a horrible blogger. Between trying to do the mountains of laundry that pile up in our house, and spend time with the family (not to mention work), I find little time to update the blog. Here is the Reader’s Digest version of things…
Izzy is growing so much. He is already six (and an half!) months old. Yowser! You can see in this video (and other blog photos), he is sitting up, eating solid foods and cracking himself–and everyone else–up. He is such a joyful little person almost always. Some of Izzy’s other favorite pastimes: the Exersaucer (thanks, Derek and Augustin!), petting the animals, bath time, and taking long walks in the park through the daisies. Well, maybe NOT the daisies…

Last week, he impressed us with his first two little teeth. They are the two bottom middle ones (that’s typical, right?), and razor-sharp. So far, he has only hurt my thumb. 🙂
For the 4th of July holiday, we had a couple of firsts: Izzy’s first hotel stay (for a bar mitzvah across town), and his first boat ride (at Chatfield, with some of Mommy’s co-workers). The hotel was great, but the boat ride, well…not so much. We’ll hold off getting Izzy on a boat again until he is big enough to fill out a life vest a little better.
This week, we will try swimming for the first time. We are so excited!


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