Since Izzy is getting so big now, and he loves to do everything he sees bigger kids (and Mommy and Daddy) doing, we have been all over the place this spring! One of Izzy’s favorite things to do is climb and swing at the playgrounds around our neighborhood. We try to visit a new playground every week. This morning, we went for a short visit to a local playground and Izzy was treated to something extra-special: he got to watch one of the groundskeepers cut the grass with one of those big, loud, industrial-strength ride-on mowers. He loves machines (perhaps more than anything else, these days), so he was in heaven!

We are also gearing up for another summer of swimming. I can’t believe how much this little boy loves the water. We recently went swimming at a friend’s townhome complex (where they keep the pool a balmy 95…ahhh) and Izzy got to spend about 45 minutes splashing and having a great time in the water. He loves to jump from the wall into the pool! Here he is with his best buddy, Declan. Izzy is the hunk with no shirt on…

On Mother’s Day, we took a family hike up near Evergreen in the foothills. Izzy did a little hiking himself, had fun playing in the dirt, and rescued his pop tart with a heroic diving roll that scraped up his knees and hands. He also got to take a nap while Daddy did the heavy lifting…


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