The boys are growing (ridiculously fast!), and every day, I am astonished at the things they are doing.
“Spinach salad!”
Recently, Izzy–who, up to this point, only ate produce if it was pureed and squeezed out of one of those baby food pouches, would warily eyeball anything that grew on a tree or from the ground, and ask of everything served to him, “Does this have fruits (meaning vegetables) in it?”–underwent a metamorphosis.
Ladies and gentlemen, my son became a ferocious, stomping, romping, plant-eating triceratops.
Physically, the boy still looks like my Izzy, but his entire attitude with regard to food has changed. He regularly requests “salad” (spinach, lettuce or whatever greens are handy) with meals, because that’s what Triceratops eat. He has even gone so far as to try a green bean, cauliflower, and edamame with little fuss.
Musical wonder that he is (even as a triceratops), Izzy made up a song about “spinach salad,” replete with dance moves and simple, yet catchy, lyrics, basically consisting of saying “spinach salad,” over and over with varied vocal intonations. See the photo (left) for Izzy’s big finish to the Spinach Salad performance.
A boy eating fish eggs (tobiko)
Fortunately, his other “gourmet” tastes haven’t changed: Izzy still loves meat, bok-bok (chicken), and his very favorite: sushi with miso soup.
In other dining-related news from La Casa: Elli is almost five months old, and working very hard at sitting up by himself. Though not quite able to sit unassisted yet, Abba (Daddy) suggested we try the high chair, so Elli might be able to join us at the table without one parent missing out on the meal while it was still hot. We tried it first on Shabbos last week, and it seemed to be a hit with the little Bear. Since, we have let Elli sit with us for every meal (if he is awake), and he is loving it: sitting up like his big brother, playing with toys on his tray, seeing all of us, and staring longingly at our food have become a real source of entertainment for the baby…and a opportunity for mommy and daddy to eat meals with the use of both hands!

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