Recently, I visited the local natural grocery store to meet up with a contact for Izzy’s last preschool fundraiser.  Although I wasn’t there to shop, I felt weird going into a grocery and NOT buying a thing (grocery shopping being the closest thing I currently have to a real hobby), so I went down a couple of aisles, just to see if anything caught my attention.

If you know me at all, you know that I love Mexican food.  You also know that I am a big fan of fiber (and its related effects).  What you may not know is that, unless you are going to invest an entire day in making your own, finding KOSHER refried beans that don’t cost a fortune is nearly impossible.  So, when I saw Taste Adventure’s Quick & 100% Natural Refried Beans (O-U pareve certified!), I was more than a little excited.  I bought a box to try (at about $2.50 for eight servings, as opposed to $4.00 for 2.5 servings of the standard organic, kosher canned variety).

Look! O-U Pareve certification…are we one step closer to
Baba’s dream of opening a kosher Mexican joint
(Casa Hadassah) in Denver?

Although they are dehydrated beans (if you, or any of your friends ever worked at Taco Bell in your youth, you may have memories of such a phenomenon), these little fibrous deilghts are so yummy.  I have served them twice; once in veggie quesadillas, and once with my husband’s Famous Mushroom and Green Chile Enchiladas, and in both meals they were delish!  Everyone Needless to say, I will be making consistent stops at the natural grocery store to stock up on this awesome find.


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