Today, I took a personal day off from work to spend some time with my big boy, since he has been feeling very jealous of the baby and needed some “mommy time.”  Besides going to the dentist first thing in the morning,

Open wide!

Open wide!

we also decided to begin some projects that we have talked about working on together; namely:

  1. creating a permanent chore chart, a la Kim Bond @ A Spotted Pony
  2. sewing a stuffy monster, based on a drawing that Izzy made last weekend
  3. framing some photos as gifts for a couple of friends
  4. making our own stamps (we are going to learn to do Letterboxing together)

To find several of the supplies that we would need, we headed to the Tree…the Dollar Tree, that is.

Did we find what we needed? Yes.  However, as is typical for me when faced with a pile of great deals, I found it difficult to “stick to the list” (which consisted of two cookie sheets and craft foam).  I ended up spending about $22 on a bunch of items that we definitely will use–or are already using–but my favorite buy of the Dollar Tree Day was completely unexpected, and will help me to save even more money in the coming weeks: in the front corner of the store was a small display that read “Dollar Tree Presents…the Sunday Denver Post.”

Just about everyone in my circle has heard me say on more than one occasion, “The local news is only good for scaring old people;” I certainly do not subscribe to any local publications or watch local news broadcasts.

But I do love coupons.

Many Sundays will find me sitting at my mom’s kitchen table, diligently clipping away at her weekly inserts.  I request that she save them, and that I get first dibs on any coupons that arrive in the Sunday paper.  I like to use coupons on cleaning products, the handful of packaged food items that I do buy, spices, beverages, and random odds and ends that I end up needing.  I find it difficult to leave the grocery store without checking my savings summary at the bottom of my receipt; I am looking for a minimum of 25% each trip (it is hard to save more than that, since most of my shopping is produce, meat or other “raw” ingredients).  So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered that I could purchase the Sunday paper (all week, mind you!) with all it’s glorious coupons for $1 at the Tree.  Sheer joy.

Did we get to our projects? Not quite.  But we did get to spend the day together, make a great bargain discovery, and find a new way to really stretch a dollar (as well as get the answer to a question that often crosses my mind if i am in the grocery late on a Sunday: what happens to all the leftover, unsold papers at the end of the day?).


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