I am, essentially, an idea-kind of girl who (if I am going to be really honest) has a little trouble with the follow-through.  Despite my efforts, I often find my best ideas thwarted by my inability to “hop to it;” as a result, I frequently find myself behind the curve, or simply paralyzed by the fear that I will fall behind and so I never get started.
In this vein, Blogging Success #1.
I found some monthly and weekly blog planning printables at InfarrantlyCreative.net, and printed them a couple of weeks ago, but had yet to actually DO anything with them, other than shuffle them from pile to pile on my desk(s…home and work).  But today–TODAY!–I sat down with my breakfast and my printables and actually mapped out the next two weeks of blogging.  As you may know, I love a good plan, be it for menus, what to wear, what to do with my kids–and now for my sweet home on the Web.  I even got an empty binder from my crazy binder cubby, and started a “Bloggin'” binder, which will house my blog plans as well as other resources I may employ here.  I guess that saying “You don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be great” may be my new mantra.
Blogging Success #2: I LOVE Pinterest (check my boards out at pinterest.com/vvdenver79).  Earlier this week, I was checking my e-mail–read: deleting a bunch of junk that is delivered to me daily, and trying to cull out the good stuff–and almost deleted one of those Pinterest e-mails: “so-and-so is now following your board blah-blah-blah.”  ALMOST.  But this one was different.  My new followers were none other than Susan and Janice from 5MinutesForMom.com!  This is a major Mom-site, and these fabulous ladies are real players in the Mom-Blogosphere.  I was so excited and honored that they found one of my boards and chose to follow it; it gave me a boost of motivation about my own little blog.

Elli is proud of his mommy for getting started!

I have the ideas, now I just need to stay with it, and keep bloggin’…


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